Making wine since


Quinta do Couquinho belongs to the Trigo family and its legacy has been passed on for several generations. Agriculture and viticulture have always been the goals of this Duriense family, who runs the business and are intent on keeping it a family affair.

Family outings in the fields, as far as the eye can see, during the harvest season, in which everyone participates and takes the opportunity to harvest the grape, feel the land and strengthen the roots with the young ones, who will surely be the future of Quinta do Couquinho.

It is located in an area of ​​a very strong natural and cultural heritage, proof of it being the two Roman sarcophagi that were found there and that can be still be observed in it and also a Stele from the Chalcolithic period – approximately 3300 to 1200 BC – unique in the country and that is on display at the National Museum of Archeology in Lisbon.

The legacy and honor in the historical and cultural traditions that are part of the identity of Quinta do Couquinho, which has always been a principle maintained and preserved by the Trigo family, transmitting its name through its dedication to the quality of the products it produces, be it wine or olive oil, while always maintaining respect for the land.